Task Summary Tips. With USC’s first-year application deadline

Task Summary Tips. With USC’s first-year application deadline for merit scholarship consideration coming up on December 1st, many students are putting the finishing touches on their application. The typical Application provides a part for students to discuss their principal extracurricular, volunteer, and work tasks. As admission counselors we know that each and every student will probably spend their time outside the classroom pursuing activities that are different so we thought it had been important to fairly share some tips and misconceptions regarding this area of the application.

Tip: Focus on the activities which are the most important to you. We’re most enthusiastic about what has influenced you and your life, whether it’s taking care of your younger siblings after school, publishing poetry become published, or playing on your own school’s soccer group.

Misconception: ‘Applicants require to have an amount that is certain of service hours become competitive in the college admission process.’

The facts is the fact that it’s okay if community solution plays a huge role in your life or even a minor one. We are not dedicated to making sure applicants meet a certain checklist of types of involvements. At the end of the we’re most interested in that you are pursuing your interests and passions in some capacity day.

Suggestion: give an explanation for organizations with that you’ve been involved! Although some acronyms are widely understood, such as ASB for Associated S Sigue leyendo

Admitted Student Activities. Over the last months that are few our office reviewed many applications

Admitted Student Activities. Over the last months that are few our office reviewed many applications and now it is time for the admitted students to determine whether or not USC may be the spot for you. In the coming months, we now have many occasions to simply help students learn more in what it really is prefer to be students at USC. We’ve created just a little breakdown about exactly just what each event entails, so for you! that you can determine which is the best

Preview USC

Preview is formatted just like our Meet USC program. It is a 3.5 hour program that begins with an admission session having an admission therapist and pupil intern. Then students will take part in a campus tour that is followed by a session because of the department that is academic that you simply’ve been admitted. Through the students will hear about housing, campus life, and the transition to USC day. Preview USC is held on six dates which are different />

Explore USC

Explore USC is the most campus that is extensive system we provide. These are day-long sessions that offer you by having a highly organized, in-depth view USC. You will satisfy current s USC pupils, hear about their experiences, trip the campus and the encompassing neighborhood, receive detailed information about your program of study, learn about student life, meet professors, and dine in a domestic dining hall. The admitted student may attend free from charge and visitors are charged a $50 cost per person. We wil Sigue leyendo

5 most typical Questions at a Holiday Party and dealing With Them

5 most typical Questions at a Holiday Party and dealing With Them

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. These might be some of one’s favorite things this holiday season. It’s probably the most wonderful time of the 12 months to be with the people you like.

But you know what is never on my personal favorite list?

When the ones you love force you to get to holiday parties. Ugh.

Listed below are 5 situations/questions you may possibly come up against as a high school pupil throughout a vacation party and ways to deal with them.

1. So, exactly what colleges have you applied to?

The trick here is to never get particular. Try not to name a university if you will help it. Naming one will only lengthen the conversation. Keep it vague. Maybe just mention one of many two coasts. It does not matter; just pick one; West or East. If they push for you yourself to say a title, simply ask what they’re drinking of course they want a refill. This gives you a justification to leave and they think you are therefore polite for doing something good.

2. Therefore, might you be considered a (insert parents’ university right here) graduate too?

You need to apply your holiday party laugh weeks beforehand. This would be a great time to take action. Respond by having a hearty laugh and then ask them if they require a drink refill.

3. So, what did you write your essay about?

Think of the essay that is fake weeks ahead of time. It should be sentence Sigue leyendo